Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I started this simple shawl last year. At 56 grams of laceweight but no listed yardage, I hoped to get a nice, quick shawlette out of the mystery purple yarn that's been in my stash for years. I got to the end of the pattern, but still had about half of the yarn cake left! This is one of two skeins of yarn in my stash without yardage. The other one is this much smaller bit of fire-colored laceweight:

These two skeins sans yardage annoy me, but not enough for me to break out my niddy noddy to see how many yards per gram they have. Since they're laceweight, I think it'd be pretty easy to screw that number up anyway. So, they're clogging up my stash space and my stash spreadsheet, but won't count for much of anything when I use them up. Dilemma!

Packing for my week-long research trip, I wanted to take mostly projects that were already in-progress, mostly good travel projects, and ones that didn't take up much space or weight so I could easily pack them in a carry-on and personal item (along with the rest of my necessities). Kleks meets all of the criteria set forth, and just fails on one somewhat important aspect: it doesn't count towards my May yardage goals. It is finishing a WIP. It's an easy pattern I already have memorized and fits in my purse for traveling to and from research sites and waiting around. Based on my internal contrariness and self-defeating subconscious, taking that project will probably mean that's the one I end up working on, missing my goal by a few hundred yards. But what if I run out of yarn in my other projects - this one doesn't take up much space! If I make my goal, I can finish it with a clear conscience! But will I wait to make my goal before picking up the needles for Kleks?

Sigh. I shall take it, since no other WIPs fit the bill so nicely as an emergency I-finished-it-all travel project. I'd say it's 20 to 1 in favor of working on this one before actually making my May goals. Any takers?

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