Saturday, May 25, 2013

One Mile Down!

I've finished a pair of socks and met my first goal of finishing one mile of yarn this month:

I've also got 2327 yards of yarn to add. 2327 is more than a mile. It is 1.322 miles. My secondary goal was to finish over a mile of yarn total, counting the yarn I knew I'd be purchasing. That goal say the least. As long as I focus on my projects one by one rather than haphazardly jumping from one to another, I have enough mostly-finished high-yardage projects to make it. Updated chart, with yarn added:

I should probably change my blog information to something like "watch me continually set unrealistic goals for myself and fail miserably!" I'm using some qualitative analysis software for work and was considering putting my blog into it to see what themes emerge, but I'm pretty sure that would be the main theme. Goals, lists, and not finishing what I set out to do. Maybe this month I'll meet a self-set goal, for once!

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