Monday, August 5, 2013

August Adventure

I'm heading off to see some family for a week. That's a car ride, a plane ride, a car ride, probably one or two other longer car rides, and then back again. I plan to do some work on some papers I'm writing, but of course, there will be yarn! I always bring at least one more project than I can reasonably work on in the time I'm gone, and what I consider reasonable to work on is often proven to be unreasonable at best. There's usually a few yarn-based projects and a cross stitch. The large cross stitches I often bring wouldn't be finished even if I brought nothing else with me and got stranded somewhere for a week with nothing to do but stitch - as I said, unreasonable at best, but more often verging on insane. This time, here's the plan:

Camp Loopy Project #3, an In the Pink shawl out of Schoppel-Wolle Lace Ball in Charisma. I'm really excited for this shawl, I think it will turn out excellently! I just need to finish it by the end of the month, and I've completed Camp Loopy 2013.

Baby blankets galore!

I have quite a few people who rate baby blankets having babies this fall/early winter. Time to get cracking! I plan to take yarn for two blankets, one knit and one crochet. Since I almost certainly won't finish two blankets, I think I'll bring just enough yarn for the white one, leaving the extra skeins at home, and the smaller of the two green skeins. I really don't think I'll end up breaking into the fresh pound of yarn and a pound of aran weight yarn is not a small thing!

Travel Sock. Always have a travel sock. This one is a bit large. A knee-high sock can be a bit much to carry around and pull out if you're just waiting in line or something. At this point, it's not too far along so should be a nice, small travel size for at least this trip.

Cross stitches. I plan to bring the nearly-finished "Mickey and the Fireman" and one of the other two in-progress kits. I'm itching to bring the other Art of Disney kit, "Past, Present, Forever", but the ornament kit has nice little chunks to work on. I may end up bringing both and working on neither.

Realistically, my In the Pink shawl may be enough for the entire trip. Realism has never been my forte.

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  1. Woo hoo! Lace ball buddies!

    Have fun traveling, you guys both deserve a break.

    Molly : )


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