Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mail Call

Opening packages with cats is always an adventure. I received a Knit Picks order and an order from Adagio Teas yesterday, and my little helpers were happy to assist.

They get excited by boxes. Very excited.

They inspect everything new when it comes in the house.


The black one is a connoisseur of fine yarns. I've had some Cascade Silk Heritage and some Lorna's Laces Solemate on the table for a week or two. The Cascade hasn't been touched, but the more expensive Solemate has gone missing a couple of times. She's checking for pure wool or her absolute favorite, alpaca.

She even helps with trash removal.

Of course, this is the part they've been waiting for. New fort to play with!

If you hadn't already noticed, yes, this month the yarn count is bad. Very bad. I blame everyone who keeps having babies. Adorable babies that will look even more adorable in the blanket, sweaters, and cardigan the yarn will eventually become!

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