Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chasing Stripes Blanket

There were some more baby blankets made for the explosion of babies this year. One was a "Chasing Rainbows" blanket that I made with stripes instead of rainbow colors, so call it a "Chasing Stripes" blanket. I never got great pictures of it, but I did get at least one okay picture of the finished product:

Yarn: Caron One Pound in Leaf Green and Ocean
Needles: US8/5.0mm, US10/6.0mm for the bindoff
Timeframe: September 2 - 25, 2013
Mods: Every 9th row was knit with the blue, every 10th row purled and rows 1 - 8 knit using green. The bindoff is a 3 stitch reverse (purled) I-cord and I think it works very well with the stripes!
Problems: I should have used a larger needle to get a looser gauge and less-scrunched blanket, but I don't think the baby will care!

This was, like the first two, made from stash yarn. One great thing about all of these babies is that I'm using up a lot of stash that isn't already earmarked for a specific project - not as much as I'd've liked this year, but a lot! I may make this blanket again using these mods and thinner yarn or bigger needles. I like how it turned out, but I'm not sure I love the final shape. It's interesting. That may be a good thing or a bad thing and I haven't decided which yet.


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  2. I love the garter ridge stripe! Woo hoo for stash busting too!


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