Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

This year I finished fewer projects than last year. I finished 126 in 2012 and 97 this year, which surprised me. With grad school, I had much less time for, well, anything.

Final count:
  • 16 total unfinished projects
  • 5 unfinished projects from 2013
  • 97 total finished projects
  • 93 finished projects from 2013
I only finished four older projects: two cross stitches, a blanket, and a costume for my nephew's turtle doll. The two cross stitches and the blanket were the oldest projects I had, all from 2007 or earlier, so that's great, but I didn't really touch any of the other 11 UFOs from years past that are hanging around.

What were my goals?
  1. Get projects down to single digits and keep them there.
  2. Reduce stash down to under 6/30/2012 levels, i.e. lower than it's been since I started charting.
  3. Finish any and all gifts I want to make on time.
  4. Participate in the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup all three terms.
  5. Finish everything I start in 2013. 
How did I do?
  1. No way. The overall project count was in the 20s for most of the year and even the 2013-only project count was in double digits for awhile. I did finish some large and old cross stitches but not many other pre-2013 projects.
  2. Nope. I did use more yarn than I purchased this year, but not enough to reach the goal.
  3. As long as I meant on time for use by the baby and not necessarily the shower, got it!
  4. I realized I don't like just participating, I like playing competitively. I can't play too competitively with all of my other responsibilities, so I didn't do this and am happy with that decision.
  5. Yes, as long as finishing by December 40th counts (so no, actually). I started spinning and got hurt and/or had no time to finish that and had a couple other ambitious projects that just didn't get done.
I can't say I'm too fussed about not making most of my goals. There's just too much going on otherwise for me to feel bad about not making arbitrary deadlines for my hobbies. I knit a lot of gifts for people and was able to use up a lot of yarn that was just hanging around without a purpose, so all in all, I feel pretty good about 2013.

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