Thursday, December 5, 2013

Frilly Baby Blankets

I crocheted a baby blanket and didn't really like the final look. The gauge was too tight.

So I made another one with the same yarn and a different hook. I even used the same style ribbon:

 They really are different. The gauge is much nicer on the second one. The first one is a bit stiff and tight.

The second one is larger than the first too.

Pattern: Tiramisu Baby Blanket (Ravelry 1 2)
Yarn: National Yarn Crafts Natura Sayelle (old stash of my mom's)
Hook: 5.5mm/USI for one, 6.5mm/USK for the second
 Timeframe: August 6 - November 26 and August 14 - October 6, 2013 (they sat around waiting for ribbons for a LONG time)
Mods: Worked 'til square rather than a set number of rows or inches
Problems: Gauge

 I gifted the second, nicer one. Now I have a perfect car seat blanket sitting in my gift pile and no one to gift it to at the moment.

Love the bows!

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