Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Caught the Stitching Bug

And it's really doing a number this time! Back in May I was already planning the next two projects after the wedding pieces once I learned that stitching while wearing the wrist brace kept my wrist from making bad movements. I cataloged my stitching stash (in Excel), went out to purchase the necessary items for a My Little Pony pattern and Dear Math (a pattern I purchased a while back), was very thankful that I don't keep track of thread miles, and finished the wedding pieces. Then I started looking at blackwork stuff for some reason (no really, I have no idea how I got there) and found a few more things I wanted to stitch.

Like ten. Plus a few others that I'd like to stitch someday. Ten things I want to stitch NOW.

Thus far I kitted up fourteen patterns with fabric and thread, have another four with fabric that still need thread decisions, and bought a small kit when I had coupons at Jo-Ann's but everything I wanted was on sale.

I started and finished three rather quickly (okay, so I still have to wash and finish finish two), and have been keeping up with the Steotch Mystery Stitchalong. Then I wanted a quick finished object. So I started a fairly simple, all black, no backstitching piece, Quoth the Raven.

But it's on 18-ct, small, stiff fabric, and it's a lot of counting over 120 sts across with minimal white space. Not that fast. So I started that small kit I mentioned.

But instead of sunflowers across the entire towel, it's honestly just those three in the center. While that should make it shorter, it annoys me that 2/3 of the Aida is blank. I keep wondering if I can put one or two sunflowers on each blank third with the thread it came with so I don't yet have a definitive end and it's less mindless than I'd like. So I started one of the blackwork patterns I kitted up.

But I have to really think about how to go about doing the outline. Like, pages of engineering paper and colored pencils to figure out what the heck I'm doing. So I started a 79 x 81 stitch simple pattern, no backstitching, 14 ct Aida, and a bunch of whitespace (or yellowspace, as the case may be).

So far, so good!

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