Monday, July 28, 2014

Framed Cross Stitches

I found some perfect frames for my recently finished cross stitches and an older one that never got framed:

I originally made this one as a card for Valentine's Day. I made up the pattern based on a few similar ones I'd seen online. The grey frame matches the grey lettering excellently and I was very happy to have found such a perfectly sized frame for this little stitch.

This may have been the first PDF pattern I ever purchased (from Disorderly Stitches). I tend to get kits for cross stitching but liked this one so much I bought it.

I found another perfect frame. This is the only project I kind of planned fabric-wise. I knew anything larger than 18 ct would be massive, so went with the 18-ct that I had. It just so happened to be perfect for this 5x7 frame.

Finally, we've got a half-blackwork, half-backstitching-that-thinks-it's-blackwork piece. True blackwork is reversible, like the border. Or at least, like the border would be if I were better at hiding the ends. The border is from A Beginner's Guide to Blackwork and the center (which translates to Kiss My Bottom) is from Kincavel Krosses.

And here we have a third perfect frame. Like the Tetris one, I just grabbed the Aida and thread that I already owned (18 ct in both cases) and was very, very happy to find frames that matched the pictures in theme, color, and size. What could make them better? The fact that they were $1 each at Goodwill. Saving money, saving the planet by reusing old things, and finding practically perfect frames? Total win!

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