Monday, December 21, 2015

Neon Ski Bonnet Upsize

I made a Neon Ski Bonnet.

You can't really tell in this picture, but it's a bit small. Very close-fitting. This yarn grows when washed, it just didn't grow as much as I thought it would, so now I'm re-doing it to make it bigger. It's made in sections, so I pulled out the sections that are too small, then the front cabled band needs to be made longer. Of course, I can't just keep knitting. See that part right on the top in the middle? The cable directions change. To fix it, I dropped down half of the cable, laddered it back up, then did the other side. It was faster and easier than ripping it all back and re-knitting it.

The first side went pretty quickly. I used two DPNs and a crochet hook one size smaller than the knitting needles (size USE/3.5mm) for fixing the stitches. First, I arranged the stitches at the cable cross the way they should be (crossed the cable).

Next, I laddered each stitch up the six rows, putting them on the next DPN to get ready for the next cable crossing.


I continued in this manner, fixing one side at a time, until all the cables were fixed. I considered using the Yarn Harlot's method for fixing cable mis-crosses, but didn't want to fuss with the cut yarn on a small tube or have it come undone on me later. Also it's the center bit, so anything that looks off would really mess up the lines of the hat.

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