Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Wow, it's been almost a month. I had finals, then break, and now I'm back at school. During break, I visited family and announced at a robotics competition. And I keep forgetting to take pictures. Or uploading the ones I do take. But I have been knitting!

Did you ever have one of those days where you were just supposed to stay out of the kitchen? I tried to make popcorn, and it burnt (I was even listening for it to slow down!), I tried to make scones and it was still all goey in the center(the toothpick came out clean!), so I put it back in and the edges got all dried out. I didn't cook for the rest of the day. I was going to try to make some fondant, but figured that it would be waaaaay too much of a problem. Don't try to substitute butter and milk for heavy cream when making candy.

I had the same issue with knitting over the weekend. I always knit at the robotics competition while announcing. I started Rogue. There were many problems. Problem #1? No swatch. I didn't swatch, and started with needles two sizes too small. Problem #2? I didn't realize this was a problem until over six inches were knit. Well, I realized it was a problem, but didn't accept it. This wasn't just six inches, this was six inches in the round of the body including a twisted knit hem (which took forever) that I folded over and knit up with a higher row so as to minimize later seaming. Painful to frog. Problem #3? I somehow added two stitches between the cast on and the body rows. Problem #4? I didn't knit the hem in correctly, so the front side hem inch was obviously twisted. Problem #5? I crossed a cable incorrectly, but this really turned into not much of a problem. I also didn't start the pocket (good thing too, I would have killed myself for screwing up that much!).

I didn't take pictures. I kind of wish I did, but I did not. I was fooling myself into thinking that it would still fit anyway, but when I tried it on and the 5" of body knitting became 4" on me, that was that. Gone.

I now have a wonderful body with pocket (though I messed that up again...) up to the armpit.

Anyway, I did start and finish something (4 things really) and will show the nice little cabled baglet I made while announcing at last weekend's robotics competition.

I absolutely love this pattern to death!

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