Thursday, March 13, 2008

Old FOs

I finished a needlefelted dog (made out of his own fur) and an Intricate Stag Bag Pillow for Christmas. But I never took pictures of them. I was in Buffalo again visiting for Spring Break, so here are pictures! Yay pictures!

Stag Pillow Front
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Stag Pillow Back
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I love the Pillow. The difference between an unblocked and a blocked Fair Isle project is amazing!

I changed quite a few things on this one. The back is an entirely different pattern. For the actual bag, the front picture panel and the four outer panels are all knit separately and then seamed, and then seamed to the back. I did not need the sturdiness all the extra seams would give, so I re-charted the whole thing and just knit it all in the round for ease of knitting. If I were to make a bag, all those seams would come in handy to keep the shape of the design while carrying items. I also can't count, and realized that I incorrectly cast on four less stitches than I needed when I got to the center panel. Why did I not realize this before? The chevron pattern is over multiples of four. So when I realized that the pattern was not correctly lining up, I just deleted the first and last two rows of it. And it looks great!

Joey Needlefelt
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This is the needle felted dog I made for my uncle. It's made out of his fur, and so is not an impressive piece. Also it is not impressive because I'm not that great at needle felting yet. This is their first dog together. It's a good thing they never had kids and waited 30 years to get a dog cuz man, they are neurotic! But Joey is in a very loving home and gets as much good food, toys, exercise, and love as a dog could ever want, so it's all good. He's a Belgian Tervuren. He looks a lot like a German Shepard with long fur, and is a very scary animal when he first comes out of the house barking at you. Here's a couple more photos of Joey.

Joey 2 3-3
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Joey 3-3
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I've also taught someone to knit. She was able to knit and purl her first time, and it looked better than some people's tenth try! She was fixing her mistakes and understanding the structure right away. I'm going to put that down to my amazing prowess as a teacher. Nobody burst my bubble, please. I should have taken pictures, but my camera was within arm's reach, so of course I didn't. She used some of the leftovers from the blue cabled baglet. It was just a small scrap of knitting, but it was knitting and she hadn't done it before, so I taught her to knit, yay!

That was item #62 on my list, and I did it without even trying!

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