Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So, how am I doing with The List, knitting, etc? Pretty well. I've read two books from my lists, but I haven't seen any movies. We have quite a few in the collection that I could watch, and just got On the Waterfront from Netflix today, but we've been more interested in watching other movies. Like 30 Days of Night, which is an "Eh" vampire movie. It does have an interesting twist in it that makes it worthwhile, but not a must-see by any means. Kinda like Seraphim Falls. Best ambush scene in a long time, but again, not a great movie overall. What really annoys me is that main character A is after B because B accidentally killed A's family. A's wife ran into the burning house to save her infant. If A was an officer in the Confederate army (and he was), and the civil war ended within the past year (which can be inferred since B is threatening A for letting his men leave early, and why would the Union army still be hunting down Confederates years after the war?) then he could not have an infant. The math just doesn't work. So the whole premise for the movie is flawed in my mind, which made the rest of the weird, convoluted thing just plain useless.

So, progress in knitting. I have been 100% monogamous recently. I cast on for the Blue Cabled Baglet, and completed it almost without anything else involved. I did the final finishing (weaving the end, making the handles) after casting on for Rogue, but the knitting was monogamous. Since starting Rogue, I have not knit another thing. It hasn't been actually portable for a bit, but since I've only been porting it to class, I don't need a portable project. Yarn is wound and waiting to be cast on for a pair of Thelonious though...

So I just tried to take a picture of Rogue. And my camera batteries are about dead. The charger is not currently with me. @#^@$#%@#%$#%. Search for "Rogue Sweater" and find a green one. Made with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Fern, preferably. Mine looks like that, but with no sleeves and only a partial hood. I'll discuss the specs when I actually get the camera to take pictures...

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