Friday, March 28, 2008

We All Knew It Wouldn't Last...

The monogamy that is. Though it is productive polygamy. I got somewhat bored with Rogue, and have been somewhat enamored of Thelonius since I got the pattern and yarn. So, I cast on for the first Thelonius. I figure I can knit one sock, finish the sweater, then knit the second sock. That way the second sock doesn't languish forever waiting to be knit up, and I have just enough of a break in between to want to finish it.

Yes I have other older projects I could have broken up the monogamy with. I almost went with the Art of Disney Cinderella Castle cross stitch, as it's the closest to complete. Yes, that probably would have been a better choice. But come on, new socks? New shiny purpley socks, all spring-like just in time for spring? Who could resist that? Not me, my friends, not me.

I LOVED this yarn in the skein. Knit up, not so much. I don't not like it, but I am not nearly as thrilled as I was. More brown and orange than I was expecting. It's still very nice and I know I'll wear these socks all the time, but I was somewhat saddened. I do thoroughly enjoy this pattern and I'll be making another pair in Knit Picks Essential Black sock yarn. For work purposes, since I hope (fingers crossed!) I'll be needing such things rather shortly. And I hate boring socks, so I only own two pairs of black socks. Both hand knit. It was three pairs, but the washer/dryer and Nancy's Knit Knacks Digit fingering weight yarn don't like each other. At all. Which means I'm sure that I'll eventually be down to one of my current two pairs, since one is knit in Digit as well. Oh well.

Here's a picture of my lovely Thelonius! If I weren't still at school at 5 pm on a Friday (and I'll be here until at least 7...) I would have it either on my leg or on my blockers. As I'm the only girl in a lab with a bunch of guys (why are they still here on a Friday?!?!?!), I'm not going to whip off my socks and shoes to take a picture. Though, I am sitting here taking pictures of socks I've knit anyway...nope, still not willing to take the shoes off. But there's another picture of the sock, this time with a circuit! I should finish the toe tonight, and then I'll be back on the Rogue, hardcore.

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