Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flaws in Logic

The baby dresses I'm crocheting take a bit more than a pair of socks worth of yarn. I can knit a pair of socks relatively quickly, and this doesn't have anything like heel turning, so it shouldn't take that long, right? Two major flaws in logic there. I can KNIT a PAIR OF SOCKS relatively quickly. I cannot CROCHET a BABY DRESS as quickly. It's lovely, don't get me wrong, but I don't enjoy crocheting as much as I like to knit. Actually, that's not quite true. I don't like crocheting on a timeline. I don't mind crocheting. In fact, some things are fabulous when crocheted. However, some things are just finicky and take some time, especially since it's been awhile since I've last crocheted, and I've never crocheted something like what I'm making now.

White Baby Dress Black Baby Dress
White Baby Dress, to the stripe Black baby Dress, to the armholes

It's really not that bad. But I got bored. And since I have a couple of sweaters, some other crocheted items, and some cross stitches with shiny thread, of course the shiny thread won out to alleviate the boredom. I'm supposed to be downsizing the amount of stuff in my "to finish" pile. Working on a cross stitch that most likely won't get finished before I leave because it's freakin' huge is not helping. In fact, a freakin' huge cross stitch still does not take up the room of, well, just about anything else in the "to finish" bin. It takes up a large ziplock. Okay, so maybe a pair of socks takes up less space than this. But not by that much.

Castle Cross Stitch Unfinished
See how freakin' huge it is? That's an 8" diameter hoop. Huge! Huge and wrinkly!

I keep Blaze in the car and the second sleeve in my purse, and it's gotten some work done. But I don't think I'm going to finish anything other than the baby projects and maybe the two freakin' amigurumi before I leave. Mostly because we all know that in a day or two my fervor for the cross stitch will wan, and I'll jump to something else but not for long enough to finish it. I wish I had those other two skeins of yarn for Rogue. That would get done if I knew I had enough yarn to finish the job!

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