Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yay for a Productive Weekend

This weekend I finally finished all the baby stuff. I also got one of the two amigurumi I've been talking about forever done. The other one will be done when my sister sends me some pictures of the one I gave her so I can figure out how I modified it when I first made it. I made her a Hedwig, started another, got bored, and put the new one down. I really liked how it came out, so I'd like to repeat it. Gotta start writing things down more often. I think I actually did write down the mods on the pattern, but I must have thrown out the pattern since I can't find it anywhere. I've also got a couple of inches done on Blaze, and I need to type up the English translation of the Hip Dress pattern I used for the baby dresses, since it's only offered in Danish currently. It's a nice pattern, and since it came out like the pictures, I'm pretty sure my translation was correct. I just need to put it in a nice, usable format so others can benefit from the time I spent. It's amazing how much you can get done when you're putting off the last couple homework assignments you may EVER have.

I have about seven other projects I want to start. Considering the fact that the last five projects I've begun were gifts or test knits, I'm feeling pretty good about the fact that I'm only two finished projects short of where I should be. I'm also one frogged and one finished project away from being in the single digits, open projects in Rochester-wise. Great timing, I may hit that goal just before I add all those UFOs lying in wait for me at home to the grand total. Ah well.

I bought the two thread colors that were messed up in my Mickey Mouse and Fireman cross stitch. This made me soooooooo angry. I'm not sure if it was two different dyelots or two totally different colors, but for some reason in the #371 (Mustard dk) had noticeably different threads in the slots for the color. Very similar, though. In fact, I spent about fifteen minutes in the car under overcast skies trying to figure out which colors were wrong. I put this cross stitch away once I realized the problem, because it angered me ever so much, abd I forgot which colors were wrong. I didn't use many, and I was pretty sure it was a green-ish, but I of course wanted to be sure. You can't tell the difference between the incorrect colors in overcast natural light. I decided to go into the store, look at it there in the harsh fluorescent lighting of Jo-Ann's, and then decide to buy the threads or not. At this point, I was beginning to think it was possible that I had just gone crazy before, seeing color differences that didn't exist. Nope, I'm completely sane. About that at least. The moment I walked into the store, it was like neon green and muddy brown as opposed to both looking like dark mustard. Definitely a HUGE difference in the store lighting.

I get to the thread section and grab two skeins of each of the colors that are listed, since the kits come with the thread and list the DMC numbers for interested people. Or if you want more and figure the $1.00 in thread is worth it instead of writing to the company and waiting for them to get back to you. Or people like me who are completely impatient, even though they won't be using the damn thread until they get the other cross stitch and a couple other things done, and therefore could have easily waited for the Stoney Creek people to send the correct thread back.

Anyway, I get the correct threads. Of course, the dyelot is definitely different than it was when I got the kit, and it's certainly noticeable. This means that most of the work I have already put into the cross stitch, which is a rather large 16"x20" piece on 14 ct Aida, has to be removed and redone. Not all of it, but more than half. Craptastic. It was going to be next on my list of cross stitches because of the buttloads of white space in the design, since my third in-progress Disney cross stitch is 18"x25" with about 1" of white space and I WILL NOT start any others until I finish the ones I have going. Unless I get married and get the cute wedding one. Or if...yeah, we all know I'll probably start another one before finishing stuff. But this one would have been fairly simple to finish (comparatively...), and now I won't want to work on it for awhile because of all the un-working and re-working I have to do. I'm sure I'll no longer have feelings of extreme hate towards it once I get passed where I am now, for the second time, but who knows how long that will take since I will be reluctant to work on it until then. Oh well. Not a real problem in the grand scheme of things.

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