Monday, May 26, 2008


So, I've done a bunch of things over the weekend. Got the job in Japan, graduated from college, saw a bunch of family members, packed up almost all of my stuff, didn't get much knitting done. I got another Art of Disney cross stitch, the Self-Portrait one, for only $15.50, so I'm quite happy. They currently retail for $45. I love e-Bay. I'm still in the hunt for the Barbershop Quartet, Preening Pixie, and The Happiest Celebration on Earth, since they're retired, but I have the charts in case I can't ever find the kits and have to just get the floss and stuff on my own.

Oh yeah, the Japan job. This means I'll be updating my 101 list with a bunch of other things, since the pet adoption and a few other things are going to be going right out the window. Oh well. I've started bolding the things that just aren't going to happen, but that will take more thinking than I can do right now. I gotta go continue to pack!

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  1. Woah..go back a thousand steps. You're moving to Japan? You gotta let me know details via email or something! I feel so bad for having totally missing your previous mentions of, oh, you applying for a job in Japan. Sorry for being a crappy friend.

    Very excited for you!!


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