Monday, May 19, 2008

The Things You Learn...

Heeeeeey, did you know that you can set up RSS feeds to be connected to your Google account? I thought it worked like bookmarks, so have never set one up. I'm rarely in the same place twice when I read my daily blogs, and Lee doesn't want my stuff cluttering up his computer, which I use for now. At least until I get a laptop, and I've found the one I want, I just need some time to feel comfortable spending nearly $2000 on any one item. Mainly time to raise a liquid $2000. Etsy store to open soon...But I, I just learned how to set up RSS feeds for the blogs I enjoy reading and have them go straight to my Google account, so no matter where I am, I can read the blogs I like that have updated, instead of just clicking on all of them at once.

Isn't technology wonderful?

My other big question for the day is: When is a cross stitch complete? Knit items are 100% complete once the seaming, blocking, and sewing on of other necessary bits (zippers, buttons, etc.) is done. Lee says I can count my huge cross stitch as being complete the moment I finish the stitching. I say it's not done until it's been dry cleaned (I'm NOT taking even the slightest chance that it will run) and framed. But if I'm moving about for the next couple of years a lot, it may or may not get framed, and I'll have a finished but languishing in the unfinished count cross stitch. Maybe I'll just get it framed in a cheaper frame, so I can re-frame it later but it's still complete. Hmmm...decisions, decisions. I suppose I should probably finish the thing first before worrying about the framing though!

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