Tuesday, July 22, 2008

FO: A Wide Triangle

If you're looking for a new book for your knitting, to give you loads of new patterns and techniques and inspire you to create your own unique things, and you like lace, buy Victorian Lace Today. Seriously, this book is awesome. I made two patterns in the first month I owned it! I knit A Wide Triangle (rav) and Lady's Circular Cape (rav) so far, and if I didn't have other projects that used up more yarn and/or were going to stay in the States once finished, I'd probably be knitting more. In fact, I'm going to knit a couple of scarves as thank you gifts for the friends of my Mother in Law (wow, I have one of those...) who made the cake and helped to arrange all the flowers. I'm letting my MIL decide what types of scarves I should make them, and she's talking it over with them. I'm hoping they get back to me sooner rather than later so I can finish them before I leave. I'm also making a sweater for my MIL for all the work she'd done for the wedding and for letting me stay in her house until we leave for Japan.

Anyway, I finally did some FO shoots of the Wide Triangle on the garden wall:

Finished Wide Triangle 2

Specs: Less than one skein of Knit Picks Shadow in Campfire
66 wooden beads
About a week of knitting time

I had bought 66 beads originally. Or so I thought. I either lost a bead while stringing, which is very possible, or one of the strings was short. The book called for 64 beads, and I thought it would actually take 65 while reading the instructions, and a missed decrease which made it 66 beads. The beads come in strings of 22. I had to buy another !#%!# string of beads for one effing bead. One effing bead.

Edge Close-Up

Looks nice though. I love wearing it around my waist with my dark jeans. Tres cute.

Finished Wide Triangle Closeup

100% simple garter stitch, just some increases and decreases to deal with. I messed up the decreases a little, which necessitated that extra bead, but by the time I realized I missed a decrease, I did not want to go back and fix it. This was supposed to be a quick little knit, and so it was. Besides, no one's really going to notice, right?

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