Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Look what I did!

We don't have the over 300 posed pictures from our photographer - Lee's aunt - but here's one I like from the few we have right now. I may have to put the dress on again with the cape I knit for this occasion because I don't think I got any good pictures of it! Details on cape will be a later post.

It was a very small wedding, about 25 attendees, on Lee's parents property. They have some beautiful gardens, so there are multitudes of pictures with gorgeous scenes, and awesome arrangements made from the blooming flowers and gorgeously put together by his mother and some of her professional arranger friends. It was really, really good for a wedding put together in two weeks and on a rather limited budget. No one really stood up for us, though his best friend was best man of sorts and held the rings and my youngest sister (10 years old) held my flowers during the ceremony. We had a spice cake and an Asti toast following the pictures in Lee's house. Only 20 of the people there stayed for the dinner reception, and we rented out a 20 person room in a local restaurant. It was pretty close to perfect. The only things that could have been better were being able to fit the ring past his huge knuckle during the ceremony, and having a couple more of our friends and family attend. The weather report said scattered thunderstorms, but it was only a little cloudy during the ceremony, and the sun came out during the pictures. Like I said, pretty darn near perfect.

The dress was made by my grandmother, Simplicity 4577, "B" with the long skirt and drape. I used ivory crepe-backed satin and ivory c...c...something shear with a little bit of sparkly. Oh yeah, crepon sheer. I was planning to make it, and was living with my grandparents for the two weeks prior to the ceremony. I cut out the pieces, and she put the correct thread in the machine while I went out for a bike ride. She then said she was just going to start the bodice for me, since it can be tricky, while I was in the shower. I never got the dress back. She made all of her daughters and some of their friends wedding gowns, as well as many, many bridesmade, prom, and other formal and informal dresses. I learned a lot from her, and I'm really happy she did this for me. Everything was gorgeous, simple, elegant, and really, really nice.

I don't feel any different. Now I just gotta try to get all this name change stuff done and see if it affects the visas and stuff. Woohooo!

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  1. How did I not know you were getting married??? Congrats!!


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