Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kids' Little Cable Hoodie

This was a test knit for Gardiner Yarn Works, the Kids' Little Cable Hoodie. It was perfect; I got a wonderful pattern that was a perfect fit for my youngest sister. She got a new zip-up hoodie. I gave it to her when I went home in early June (like the 1st-ish) and she's worn in quite often since. In the summer. The day or two after she got it, she went somewhere where she was able to buy a cute penguin zipper pull. I just wish I had a picture of the zipper pull and/or with her in it. Anyway, here's some pictures:

Little Kids hoodie Open
Look at the lovely cable detailing, all down the sleeves, next to the zipper, and up the back. This was a very quick and simple knit, and I was ever so pleased to get a zipper in the exact right size!

Little Kids Hoodie Back
Back of the hoodie; you can see the lovely cable detailing.

Little Kids Hoodie
Perfectly matching zipper, wooohooo!

Little Kids Hoodie on Tree
Artsy and not very good shot of the hoodie. But there nonetheless.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Navy, three skeins
Size: Girls' 14
Notions: Navy blue zipper, ummm...22", I believe...
Time: April 2 - April 19, though knitting was done on the 17th.
Problems: None, loved this pattern! The only thing I didn't quite love was my yarn choice, but that was more of a budget thing. Amazingly soft, but it's already very pilly. Not the best choice for the cables, but looks great anyway!

My sister is currently a size 12, so I made the 14 since I was making it so late in the season. It's a bit big on her now, though she still wears it everywhere she can, and should be great in the fall. All in all, I'm very happy with the end result.

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