Friday, January 9, 2009

First FO of 2009

What will it be? The contenders:

Rogue is the first contender. I've still got to seam the sleeves, and that's it. They're set in sleeves, not raglan sleeves, so I've never actually done such a thing in a knit garment. Actually, I did when I knit Reid, but that didn't count because it was baby sized, since it was for a baby. I didn't have a camera at that point, and while I do have a picture of the cutie wearing the cardigan, I shouldn't put it online.

Hourglass Socks:

This is as far as I've gotten. First sock. A bit more than halfway down the leg. Probably not going to happen.

Mystery Big Bird's Nest Project:

This is why you shouldn't try to make monster skeins when recycling sweaters. I tied the front, back, and one of the arms together for this skein. Frickin' huge. It really could be Big Bird's nest. This is a test knit, so no pictures yet, but I'm liking the way it's turning out and can't wait to show it off!

Another baby bib:

I haven't done an FO wrap up of the other three bibs I've done yet. I'm waiting until all six I will be making are done before showing off all of them at once. They're a very fast, easy knit, even though they are seed stitch and cabling in kitchen cotton. Heck, I've already knit four and started a fifth, and we all know how fickle I am when it comes to projects. This one needs a button before it is complete, and may not be the first FO because I will probably wait until the other two are done and then sew all three buttons on in one session.

Evil Santa doorhanger:

This is the cross stitch I had so very many problems with. It is now washed and blocked. It still needs some tassels on the hat, then I need to sew the backing onto it and add another tassel. This one will probably be done around the time I finish the three bibs, in one big sewing session. I did buy felt for the backing, so now all I'll need to do is mark where I'm supposed to sew, then figure out how to thread my machine. I've done it before, but haven't used it in over a year, so it might take a bit.

Final FOs of last year still to come! This time I already have the pictures on the computer (and Flickr and Ravelry) I just have to write up the post.

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