Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More FOs of 2008

Here's two of the last couple things I pulled off in 2008.

Pattern: Thuja from Knitty
Yarn: Japanese yarn, Wister Gokubito
Timeframe: Just over a week.
Mods: None, 9.25" foot
Problems: None. Love this pattern! Sixth pair I've made, though none for me. I'll have to get on that...

Yarn: Thrifted DK-ish cotton from a sweater bought at Goodwill.
Timeframe: Just over a week.
Mods: Few. I made the blanket square instead of rectangular, so did 10 total squares instead of 13. I didn't have quite enough yarn to finish, so the top border is a couple of rows short, and I slipped the first stitch on every row for a chain border instead of a garter stitch one.
Problems: Only the yarn shortage. I think it would also look better with a crochet chain cast on, so I think I'll make a second like that. Or maybe not.

You can't really tell from the picture what the pattern is, but it does look great. It is machine washable and has no holes in it, so should be perfect for getting dirty. That's my one beef with many baby blankets, the kids can get fingers and things caught in the blanket and then whine about it. Not fun. This one is textured and has a nice, simple pattern, but will be very difficult to turn into a hazardous device.

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