Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hmm, the altimeter seems to be broken...

What are those billy goats doing up here...

OH JEEZ it's a mountain, we're gonna crash!

You'd think a normal person would have realized at the outset they were in for trouble. Not me! I have some leftover yarn from a project. This means I know what gauge I get (this is even one of those few projects I *gasp* swatched for) and I know what needles looked good the first time. So, when I blindly grabbed the yarn and called-for needles and just dove right in (making a gorgeous tubular cast on and inch and a half of knitting, I must say) I should have known what to expect. Size 7s, 136 sts, for something that gives me 5.5 sts/inch on US8s? Ummm...yeah, that's a hat.

But no, I cast on and knit away. I thought, hmmm, why are the stitches not fitting around this 32" circular needle? It should be perfect for a sweater for me! So I went down to the 24". And the 16". And the stitches fit, and I thought it was Good.

I was concerned. I checked the pattern. The published gauge is 16 sts/4", or 1.5 stitches less per inch than I was getting. Yes, I ignored another warning sign. Then, I finally came to my senses and decided to try the thing on before getting any further. Lo and behold, the gauge, it did not lie, and in fact, I was knitting the perfect hat!

I do not want a hat. I want a sweater. I will try again with US9s. I should probably also up the stitch count to make it fit. I think I will blindly forge ahead with US9s, and try it on at about the same place, and decide if it will work then. Ribbing is stretchy, right?

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