Monday, May 17, 2010

Counting the Stash

On Ravelry, there was a discussion on how to count your stash. Some people don't count theirs, some people keep it down to a container or two (heh, yeah, I could probably squeeze it all into one of those huge Rubbermaid bins...), others only have on hand what they're going to use, and others go by miles. The question of SABLE (Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy) came up, and how do you know you've hit SABLE? Can you count stash in hours? Lee wanted me to estimate the hours it would take to knit up current stash. No way, not possible. A pair of socks will be faster than a scarf or other fingering weight item, and not all of my sock yarn will be socks. A pair of patterned socks takes longer than a plain-er pair of socks, and the more twisted stitches and purling there is, the longer that takes. Typical colorwork is much faster than typical cables (for me) and lace can be quick if it's like Monkeys with just YOs and K2togs or take forever if it's crazy lace like the frogged Victorian Lace socks.

A sweater vest, done in the round, with minimal shaping or designs, might take me a week to knit up (I shall be testing this theory soon) while a complex tank top could take months, even using the same weight yarn. Then there's the question of finishing work, possible errors or delays, and just general stupidity or laziness on my part. Therefore, I find it nearly impossible to calculate the amount of time it would take to go through my stash. I haven't really worried about stash before, since I don't buy without a project in mind (socks and lace don't count, it's enough for socks or a scarf or gloves and lace is good for cowls and stoles and things!) and I've never really had the money to sink into a huge stash (until now). With the moving across the world at least once more, keeping it to a minimum is the idea.

Right now, counting all of the crafting stash that I own, I have more than enough to last me until I go home and then some. Cross stitches (6 Art of Disney, 4 medium, two small, 13 ornaments), roving (4.5 lb), yarn(near 40 miles), and fabric (bunches), all of it together is more than enough to last me awhile. A good long while, what with the Art of Disney cross stitches. They're not bulky or heavy though, so they're okay to take along with me for future moves. The fabric, roving, and yarn, however, should be minimized (and turned into useful things like clothing). Actually, there should be no additional fabric or roving moving with me, and preferably only carry-on yarns, though I know I'll have a bunch of laceweight and probably sockweight or handspun.

Stop laughing.

I'm serious.

I really, really, really am planning to use up what I have! For real!


but I had to buy more because the yarn I have right now just isn't appropriate for desired holiday knitting:

At this point, most of this yarn is used up (hooray!) and then I bought a LOT more yarn in Tokyo:

I just need to actually finish blog posts when I start them! This one is from way back in November of 2009.

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