Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Final Countdown

of 2010 at least.

To go along with counting how many WIPs were started and finished in 2010, I'm trying to finish all projects but the blanket that were started in 2010 by New Year's Eve.  Right now (morning of the 29th) it stands at fourteen projects.  I do need to start one more, because I'd rather just finish all the baby bibs together, but that's a quick one and won't take long.  So fifteen total to finish in the next couple of days.  Do-able.  Totally do-able.

I really mean it this time!


Panhandles (x2) (finished afternoon of the 29th) - They're in the wash right now, going through their third felting cycle.  Should be their last, too, and then they're done.

Husband Hat - Needs end woven in and a wash/block, so will be done when I block all the things that need blocking.

One Sock - Halfway through the foot of the second Worsted Weight sock, so will be done soon.

Blue Sock - Just needs one end woven in and a wash.

Bibs - I need to knit one full one plus the strap of another, then weave in ends and block five.  They only take a few hours each, nice quick knit.  Cute Stitch buttons I already have will finish them off.

Pocket Creatures - I started one of the three pairs I need to send home, so I've got to finish that pair before January.  The knitting is done, they just need features, stuffing, and finishing work.

Heart Box - This is one of those paper-based baskets that really aren't that difficult, but are really fiddly to get going.  This one especially because it's a heart shape instead of a simple rectangle.  It will be good as a break from the knitting.  Most of the items on here that require actual knitting are out of thicker and not-so-nice yarns, like the cotton bibs and acrylic blend socks (why is the brown stiff when the blue was so gosh darn nice?), and I would rather not kill my arms just to get them done.

Knitting Tools Case - I have in mind what I'll be doing, and a working sewing machine to do it.  I also have a cheap-o little dollar store kit that makes pretty much exactly what I have in mind, but has instructions.  I'll probably do that one first, since it should be quick, instead of totally winging it for the case and failing.  Adding another project...

edit evening of the 29th - I made a box bag too.  And since I was doing the innards of the first Pocket Creature, I did the innards of the other two also.  I'm trying to pretend it doesn't count as starting them.

Unders - I can't believe I started these this year, but they just need a bit of a rip and re-knit.  This is the one that is a hope more than a definite, because the new numbers may or may not work.  We'll see.

Lady Sunshine Test - Not a 2010 WIP, but Lee said to make up for the blanket, I should finish something else this year.  I already finished a bunch of older WIPs, but, if I finish the rest of the list early (not likely), this will be my project for the rest of the year, and probably my first FO of 2011 because my hands are cold!

So really, not that bad.  The apartment is pretty clean and organized, I'm on vacation, no reason not to finish this list.  15 13 must-dos, 1 will-do, 1 should-do - not too bad.

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