Friday, December 17, 2010

Ah, Christmas!

That time of year where the WIP count slowly creeps up, and then shoots back down once I've blocked things.  I was happy with the amount of yarn used, hoping maybe I could get under 40,000 yards of yarn in Japan by the end of the year, and then I realized that I haven't actually put all of my yarn into Ravelry.  Most of it, yeah, but not the stuff that's in my WIP basket (hello 5,000+ yards of WW for a huge blanket), and not the bag o' Patons Classic Wool that I brought back from the US this past summer.  Entering most of that gets me up to 48000 yards, nearly 28 miles of yarn.


I am going through a bit of my roving for Nuno felted scarves.  The plan is to make eight of these as gifts.  Thus far, three are sent out, two are finished, and the final three are designed, but still in component parts.

I'm also working on a bit of baby knitting for my first nephew, since the shower will be roughly a week or two after Christmas.  May as well send it all in one package, even if it does make the Christmas stuff a touch late!  The baby stuff is mostly done since it's mostly easy-peasy don't-need-to-focus knitting.  I finished off some blue recycled cotton that I had no idea what to make with for a baby blanket and a matching burp cloth.  I used up a bunch of kitchen cotton on a few bibs for the baby (and a biscuit blanket I took to a Thanksgiving dinner potluck), and I've got enough leftovers from the first set of Sneaker Booties to make another pair for this little guy.  Lots and lots of presents for the new baby, all patterns I know and love, and only buttons to buy!

Thus far, I've sent out all of my cards, finished the in-laws' gifts and sent all those out, but am a bit behind with my family's presents.  I'm going to blame it on the baby shower gifts.  Even though we all know I'd probably be as behind without those too.

Must get back to knitting!

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