Friday, December 24, 2010

More Snowflakes!

I made some kinda cheesy little glue gun snowflakes the other day.  This is actually a pretty good project for babysitting, snow days, or just something to do with kids.  Which is why I, an adult, did it all by myself.

All you need is a glue gun, this snowflake printed out at approximately 3" in diameter, glue for your glue gun (preferably sparkly), wax paper, and clear wire (jewelry making or fishing line) to hang them with.

Step 1:  Print out your snowflake and cut it out.  Or, print out a whole bunch on one sheet of paper.  Lay it on the counter, lay some wax paper over it, and tape down the wax paper a bit.  Not too much, you want to be able to move the snowflake pattern under it, so just a small piece of tape on two of the edges is fine.

Step 2:  Using your glue gun with the glitter glue sticks if you can find them, fill in half of the snowflake.  This particular pattern is good because the lines are about the perfect size for filling in with a glue gun.  Fill in only half, starting with the centerline.

Step 3:  Once they are hardened, peel the snowflake halves off of the wax paper.  Run a line of glue along the centerline of one piece, and attach a second at approximately a 60 degree angle.  Do this for all of your pairs, three pairs per snowflake (six halves).

Step 4:  Now glue three snowflake wedges together to form a full snowflake.  Glue a hanging string (clear wire) so you can hang the snowflakes.  Make sure to pull off as many of the stringy bits as you can.  These are great as Christmas gift bobbles, even if they aren't the most amazing of craft projects.

Step 5:  If you are using glitter glue, make sure to run your glue gun until no more glitter comes out.  You don't want to be surprised next time you go to use it.  Make a few more snowflakes, I got two nice lightly-glittered ones and I used the two dark snowflake halves as window stickers.  They stick nicely on their own.

Voila!  Snowflakes!

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