Friday, December 31, 2010

Progress: Afternoon of the 30th (in Japan)

A few more hours left...


Panhandles (x2)

Husband Hat 

One Sock - Halfway through the foot of the second Worsted Weight sock, so will be done soon.

Blue Sock - Just needs one end woven in and a wash.

Bibs - Need buttons, as soon as they're dry.

Pocket Creatures - Technically I also started the other two pairs by making the inner warming bag, but I'm not really counting that until I cast on.  Which I won't do for at least a couple of days.  The one that I'm supposed to finish still needs features, finishing work, and stuffing.

Heart Box - Sitting on the table in front of me...I need to get the foam pieces out to pin it onto while I get it going.

Knitting Tools Case - I know how to do it.  Just a bit of cutting and some straight lines sewn is all it needs!  20 minutes or less!

Small Knitting Tools Case - Needs a button sewn on and the nifty pincushion bit sewn in.

Box Bag - Totally frivolous project, but also finished.  Of course, the moment I said I was going to finish everything I'd already started in 2010, I had to start something brand new.  I think I suffer horribly from this phenomena:

Unders - Still may need some sort of edging around the legs, but are done for now.  I'll have to wear them a few times to decide if they need something more or not, and I cannot wait!

Lady Sunshine Test - Not even touched.  Probably won't be the first FO of 2011 because I still have a couple more things that have to go to family to finish up, and I really, really want to cross stitch.

Five down, 12 to go, eight of which will take less than an hour total.  Still do-able!

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