Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Distracted Knitting

I keep looking at all my other yarns and wanting to knit things that I should not knit until the Christmas things are done. Getting things done early is a good thing! Just because it's not yet Christmas time doesn't mean I should hold off on that knitting! In fact, if I finish the Christmas stuff, I can cast on ALL THE THINGS and knit whatever the heck I want for however long I want! Or so I keep telling myself, as I continue to look over at the pile of yarns already paired with season-appropriate patterns. Sigh.

Since I can't seem to buckle down and just FINISH STUFF ALREADY, even the small crochet things I'm mostly done with, I decided to just go ahead and cast on all of the Christmas things I have open needles for. This way I can switch up to a different pattern if I'm bored or restless but am still moving forward on deadline crafting. So many things I want to knit, so little time to do so!

And completely apropos to this post, I started it a week ago and didn't post it because I wanted to get some pictures, but never did. I am now on a finishing jag, which started with this skirt:

Made from a recycled Happi Coat, from a kimono recycle shop/secondhand store. Today, I'll be finishing some small-ish things, though most of the things on the needles are not in that category. Just the crochet/sewing stuff. In fact, judging by the progress I've been making with one of the Christmas presents, I am now somewhat worried that I either won't have enough yarn to finish or I won't finish them all for Christmas, and I was doing fairly well on that front! Ah well, I'll just keep going and see where that gets me.

Love this skirt!

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