Monday, October 31, 2011

Third Scarf

We've got the Snowflake Scarf, the Dark Mark Scarf, an in-progress UB Scarf, and here's the finished penguin scarf:

Yarn: Anny Blatt Princess Anny, 3 skeins of each (pink and black)
Needles: US4/3.5mm
Timeframe: June 1 - September 17
Mods: Some. Cast on/Bind off to match sides, used instructions from the two-row Noro scarf slipping the first and last stitch of every second row to make a nice edge. Did the penguin on both ends.
Problems: None really, though I incorrectly reversed the pattern so it's the same penguin rather than mirrored penguins. Oh well, no big deal!

I discussed the scarf a bit here, so I won't get into it too much. This one is wide and long, and I hope my sister likes it! One scarf left, as well as a few other illusion pieces before I'm finished with the Christmas knits.

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