Thursday, July 26, 2012


Since 2008, Ravelry has done the Ravelympics (name now changed to Ravellenics due to copyright), where you watch the Olympics, set yourself a crafting challenge, and then try to win the gold by completing your personal challenge in whatever category it may fit into. I tried in 2010, but set myself a crazy challenge that I would in no way be able to complete. This year, I'm going to be much more low-key about it, but still play along. I'm going to do strictly WIP Wrestling, and more specifically, I'll be working on finishing Evendium, to give myself a quick, easy win, and then I'll be working on a (second) broomstick lace afghan and a (second) Frill, both unearthed from being packed away while I was in Japan. I'll probably use Frill as my carry-along project, but if it becomes un-carryable or if I finish it (hah!), I'll start working on Les Rideaux (Curtains!), the smallest and therefore most likely to be finished sock in my WIP pile as my carry-around project. Riding the bus to and from work has given me a nice daily time to knit, so a purse project at all times is a must! For something to count in WIP Wrestling, it must be something that's been stagnating since at least May 14th, and that's pretty much all of my projects at this point, except for the Christmas 2011 socks and some cat toys that should be done before it starts. If I get bored or antsy, I can switch to any (Ravelry-approved) project I've already started, so I should have absolutely no problem grabbing something to work on. Finishing things, however, is another story entirely!

Starting point for Frill:

One frill done, so I'll start with the other frill (the most time-consuming part) and then the center, rather than continuing the center from this frill. It'll make the finishing seem faster!

Starting point for the afghan:

One panel plus edging done, a second barely started, and there is more than enough yarn for the third; I have two fresh skeins of Caron One Pound!

Starting point for Les Rideaux, originally a test-knit:

One fully completed sock, waiting for its mate. This picture doesn't quite do the pattern justice, it really is stunning!

I'm fairly certain I won't need to find additional projects to work on, but if I do, I've certainly got 'em! Just take a look at the sidebar...

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