Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This month, I bought no yarn and worked up a few quick and easy projects that helped my yarn count. See:

For some reason, it says I knit 1.5 miles. I did not. According to the officially logged projects in Ravelry, I knit about 1/2 mile this month. Where is that other mile coming from? I have no idea. I assume some yarn that I have is now sold in 50 gram skeins or something, so the official Ravelry numbers have changed and therefore, even though I still have the much larger put-up, I would need to find precisely which yarn has changed in the Ravelry database and change my personal skein numbers to reflect how much yarn I actually have. Which is something I'll not be doing anytime soon. Eventually, I'm sure I'll find whichever skein of yarn is entered incorrectly and go back to fix the entries, but for today, I will pretend this reflects reality and revel in my new low personal record. And then knit some more because I need to buy yarn for more cat things and washcloths this month, and an increasing yarn count is wrong!

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