Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finish One, Start Two

I mentioned that I wanted a cowl like the ones I made my sisters for Christmas when I posted them. I just needed to figure out what color I wanted to make for myself! I wasn't really trying to figure out which color to get, given my general desire to have less yarn and the amount of other things I have in the queue. Late last month, I realized that I not only had the kind of yarn called for in this pattern (bulky), it was also the correct amount (260 yd, the Christmas ones were 270), I loved the color, and it was leftovers from a different project so was something I wanted to use up anyway. Sweet!

Of course, I didn't have needles of the correct size available. I was using two cables to knit the yoke of the white cabled sweater, so didn't have any extra for a new project. Tuesday evening I divided the body stitches from the sleeve stitches, allowing me to reduce the cable length to the shorter one for the sweater:

The next morning, I began my lovely brown cowl, which means I can probably wear it a couple of times before Spring gets here!

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