Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rhinoceros Toy

This toy is adorable! I loved the Elephant one and this one is also excellent. It's soft and squishy, acting as a nice stuffed animal for a little baby. When the kid gets old enough to start manipulating things and thinking, it's a puzzle they can take apart and put back together again. This one is stiff enough that I think it will stay together until you really want to take it apart. I really do think these puzzle balls will be my go-to baby toys in the future!

Yarn: Nikke Victor Yarn Shetland 9
Hook: 3.75mm/USF
 Timeframe: December 30 - 31, 2013
Mods: I made 4 wedges, then one leg ring and attached the wedges without breaking the yarn, then stuffed the legs and attached the feet. I worked the wedge caps for the face/tail ring and attached the wedges without breaking the yarn there as well.
Problems: I worry that the places where I tied the rings together will come undone. Other than that, no problems!
One leg section fits inside the second leg section, and the head/tail ring goes around the outside of the legs. It's a pretty sturdy toy, stands up solidly on its own, and is just too cute. I mean, look at that tail!

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