Saturday, February 16, 2013

February Frenzy: Day 13

On the 13th, I finished that cross stitched card because it was due on the 14th! I was pretty happy with how it turned out, even if the sentiment is a bit creepy (yes, I think the "you complete me" idea to be weird - your strengths are complimentary to mine, cool, but "...complete me"? Yikes!):

I made my own chart for this for a couple of reasons. You can find both free and non-free charts online, but all of them use partial pieces to make the heart! Yes, I understand that the long piece is usually the one you're waiting for in Tetris and it makes it very easy to see how it fits into the heart, but come on, you are not a Tetris player if you are willing to stitch a Tetris heart that doesn't fit together right!

Obligatory Backside

While mine doesn't use the long piece, it does all fit together nicely, is a good size for a card, and made me happy! I also completed the "completion" theme with book 3 of the Millennium (Stieg Larsson) series and book 4 of the Otherland (Tad Williams) series, completing those incomplete series on our bookshelf. Not that we'll have time to read them anytime soon, but they're complete now!

Paper to line it so it looks like a Real Card

Still Listing:

Day 1: Sheldon Pirate Shell (modifying hat, not yet finished)
Day 2: Bear Hat
Day 3: V-Day Cross Stitch
Day 4: Sock #1 (finished! but needs a mate)
Day 5: Dyed Roving (finished! but needs to be spun)
Day 6: Sock #2 (not even close)
Day 7: Baby Bootie (finished! but needs a mate)
Day 8: Coaster
Day 9: Cross stitch (that isn't working out as planned!)
Day 10: Sleeve (sleeve is done, but not the rest of the sweater!)
Day 11: Stash Organization (still need to get it all into Ravelry...)
Day 12: Stash Update
Day 13: Valentine's Day Card

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