Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Evil Herbivore

This was a fairly quick stitch, and I am thrilled with the results! The framing leaves a bit to be desired, but based on the dimensions I'm not yet sure what to do next. If you're not a fan of Eddie Izzard, this clip should make this (slightly) less strange and confusing.

Supplies: DMC Bright Ideas Lemon Twist, 14 ct, some sort of dark brown DMC (780?) for the giraffe, DMC Light Effects in Dark Ruby Red (E815) for the words, 2 strands for all
Timeframe: July 20-ish - September 18, 2014
Problems: None!

I absolutely love giraffes, love the font they used, and finally found a reason to pick up some of that obnoxiously loud DMC fabric. There's far too much white space (yellow space?) on the top and bottom, but I'm not sure if an oddly proportioned mat would make it look better or stranger. A different frame might also work, but I get my frames from Goodwill and the only other frames that would work were scratched up. I could see a thick wood-toned giraffe print frame working well!

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