Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chugging Along

There haven't been that many projects I've worked on or finished this summer, but there have been a few. I'm still working through the pile of cross stitch projects I set up for myself a few months ago, slowly but surely. Right now, I'm working on another Day of the Dead biscornu as a gift and recently finished the thought-it-would-be-quick sunflower towel:

This is from a kit and I originally thought it had the sunflowers dancing across the entire towel. It did not. It was supposed to just have the three center ones so it is nicely stitched when folded, but with 60% white space on either side. I did not like that. Luckily, it had enough floss for an extra sunflower in each empty third. This one's going in the gift pile, but does not yet have a recipient.

Anyone out there have a sunflower-themed bathroom or kitchen?

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