Saturday, September 20, 2014

Walking Project

(Written back in June, finally took pictures!) I'm planing to hike the John Muir Trail this August. To prepare, I'm walking 4 miles to work (with a stop at the gym at mile 3.6) and typically walking back home again. Since this is all easy sidewalk walking, I often knit as I go. Since classes started, I have not been walking in because at least two days a week I am in before sunrise and don't want to take so much time out of the other days. So I knit at the gym instead!

Recently, I started a hat for my niece for Christmas. The circular needle I grabbed was just barely small enough for the collar, so the first few rounds were a bit of a fight to get the yarn stretched out and spaced so I could knit. Once I got a few rows in, there were no further problems. I seem to say this about a lot of projects, and this one is no exception: I'm very pleased with it! I made it while walking and reading in a couple of days using up four partial skeins from prior projects, it looks great (in my opinion), should fit well, and it's a Christmas present done six months early. Practically perfect in every way.

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios in Purpuras and Rios, Heartland in Isle Royale and Olympic, and Dream in Color Classy in Cool Fire
Needles: US8/5.0mm
Timeframe: June 26 - 27, 2014
Mods: Slipped the first stitch of every row, used multiple colors and knit the entire first row of a color change.
Problems: None!

With all of the super soft worsted weight yarns I used, it is a super soft, squishy hat that should fit for this winter and probably the next one or two as well. I just hope she doesn't end up being in a "no hats" phase when she gets it!

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