Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finished Scarf

I ripped and re-did the last two rows so MANY TIMES! First I didn't have the correct amount of spaces for the border - it needs to be divisible by two but not four, and I had 40 spaces. I realized this halfway through the border, so ripped back 1.5 rows. Next I thought I was running out of the red too fast, so I did just sc and dc, skipping the hdc for the picot border. That wasn't necessary, so I ripped it back and re-did it.

This was all after ripping back the four rows from the first attempt.

It came out well in the end, using nearly all of the yarn I had for it. The beads look nice, the braids work, and I only wish it were a touch larger.

I seem to be making an odd face, but the scarf came out well!
Pattern: V-eekender Scarf/Shawlette (mine)
Yarn: Sol Alpaca Silver Wind, a gift from friends who went to Peru, and some hand-dyed Knit Picks Bare for the beaded edging
Hook: 5.5mm/USI
 Timeframe: August 14 - 17, 2014
Mods: Two colors, two rows per color 'til the end, fewer rows due to less yarn.
Problems: Amount of yarn
I had just under 4 grams of yarn left, so I whipped up a quick little cat toy for the cat who kept sitting on the scarf while it was in-progress. She would grab the yarn, pile it on the scarf, and sit on it all like a dragon on her hoard, so she gets a toy out of the scraps. It occurs to me that I may be rewarding undesired behavior. She's so freakin' cute, I'm not sure I care!

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