Saturday, November 15, 2014


That looming deadline this weekend was moved back at the last minute. Of course I continued working on deadline knitting for holidays and gifting visits this year.

When you've finished laughing, take a look at what I started instead!

It's a doily (Large Pineapple Doily, Ravelry), using some stash yarn that had no other purpose. Why? Is it the last thing that will finish the decor in some room of my house? Is it a present for someone who'd really, really appreciate it? Does it even have a purpose? No. I just wanted to crochet something intricate and hopefully use up a large-ish chunk of stash. It's moving pretty quickly so far - that or I've watched more episodes of Gilmore Girls than is reasonable since I started it. Because of course, frantic knitting up to the deadline is a holiday tradition, who am I to ruin it by finishing things early?

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