Sunday, November 9, 2014

Multi-Colored Clogs

This year, I need to knit a new pair of clogs for my husband and myself along with two pairs for friends and a requested pair for a family member. Luckily, clogs don't take much time and I already have all the yarn I need.

For the first pair, I'm trying out a variegated yarn, something I haven't done before. These are worked with two strands, but only need one skein of the main color. Instead of using the outer strand and the center strand together and mixing up the colors for full-on clown barf, I weighed the skein (97.2 grams, slightly under the 100 grams listed on the band), made a center-pull ball from the center of the skein to just about 48.6 grams (half of the skein), then matched up the end of the new ball to the same point in the color sequence on the skein. Luckily, the Patons is a very regular variegated yarn, and the two strands are lining up amazingly well as I knit.

Let's see how fast I can finish the first few pairs - we'll be seeing the clog recipients next weekend and I'd love to gift them then!

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