Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May is for Cross Stitching

I fell and hurt my wrist about six weeks ago. I didn't stop knitting. It didn't fully heal. Purling hurts now, so I am taking most of this month to work on cross stitches and a pair of stockinette socks.

For the socks, I'll be using Patons Kroy FX, yarn I got when the fabric I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to purchase was already 50% off and I had two coupons I was intending to use.

Since classes are over, I won't have nearly as much time where I'm reading or in a lecture or meeting and simple knitting is appropriate. I don't anticipate finishing these quickly, but if I do, I have a few other skeins of self-striping yarns that are destined to become stockinette socks also.

Two of the cross stitches won't be displayed for a few months, just in case. They're wedding presents for some friends and while I don't think they'd see them, I'll save posting until they've been gifted. If I finish them quickly, I've got three other cross stitches in progress. I'll probably work on the Art of Disney Mickey & Minnie - Bride & Groom next:

Or I might work on the Santa ornaments that I started something like seven or eight years ago:

Or the Art of Disney Past, Present, Forever that I also started about seven years ago:

Or there's always all the others:

Hey look! I finished four of these since taking this picture and started a fifth! Progress!

And next month, there will be a Mystery Steotch-Along! Yay!

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