Thursday, September 24, 2015

999 Problems...

...all of them beads. I ran out of beads to finish a shawl the way I wanted, so ordered more the next time I placed a Loopy Ewe order. They accidentally gave me the 6/0 instead of the 8/0 I needed, so now I'm waiting for the replacements to come in. Impatiently, I might add. The incorrect beads came in two days late after going to a random city nowhere near me, according to USPS tracking. USPS tracking also told me the replacements would arrive today. Lies!

I started another beaded project yesterday. The beads on this one are the correct size, they're just the exact same color as the yarn. It's a shiny yarn, so they don't even reflect or pop out, they just blend in completely. Oops.

There's five beads in the knit portion you can see (and a stitch marker on the left). I know where they are and even I'm having trouble locating them! The yarn is much shinier with more colors in real life. I couldn't get a good image. The beads are your classic "oil slick" colors, and match the yarn exactly, all green and purple and black and shiny.

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