Friday, September 18, 2015

Time-Out for Cauchy

This simple knit/purl sock should have been a fast knit. It's just knits and purls! I've found that these tend to be the slowest for me, mostly because they should be quick and they just plain aren't. Purling is a bit slower, and I have to actually count/pay attention because every row the pattern changes. I knit the first sock back in April. I tried to pick up the second sock last month, and only got halfway through the leg. It's given me nothing but trouble - first I forgot to mirror the leg pattern, so ripped back the first inch, careful not to undo the row that closed the folded hem, and thought that would be then end of the problems. It wasn't.

I've been trying to finish it so I can start another sock, and thought a long train ride last weekend might do it, especially when I learned their WiFi wasn't working so I couldn't do the actual work I brought with me. I got halfway through the gusset (a couple more rows than shown) when I realized that I didn't end the leg on the same row of the pattern as the first sock. It was roughly the correct length, just a half-repeat off.

Rip goes the yarn and I'm back to the leg. I got all the way back to the heel flap, and realized that the larger problem, the reason my counts seemed off, was because I screwed up the pattern on the sock the whole time, adding a couple extra rows to each pattern repeat. So for the third time, I have ripped back substantial portions of my work, and now I'm about 2.5" into the sock where I can drop down the one incorrect stitch per pattern repeat that is still wrong.

It's now sitting in time out, stitches held with scrap yarn so I can catch up on the mystery sock I was supposed to start after finishing Cauchy. Maybe it will have learned its lesson by the time I finish this next pair.

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