Friday, December 11, 2015


I apparently have bad luck when it comes to US6 needles. I lost one tip on a trip a couple of years ago. Now, the end of the cord that the interchangeable tips screw onto has broken off. Inside the other US6 tip.


I don't have extra tips because when I tried to get a replacement pair, they were backordered and my order was cancelled. At least I have a pair of Addis to magic loop the hem and neck ribbing of the holiday sweater I'm trying to finish. I will have to get another cord from some project - I'm trying to decide if I have the time to knit a few inches, then bind off a cardigan for me that has a cord or if I should just use waste yarn. It's always a struggle getting things back on the needles if you take them off, and of course it would be better to finish something...Or I could always just buy a pair of Addis. I'm making Clapotises for my committee and they all require US8, the size that I need...hmmm....

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