Monday, May 1, 2017

April Showers...or something like that...

As previously mentioned, I signed up for more WWFY (Will Work For Yarn). A large amount of yarn entered my stash. A reasonable amount of yarn left my stash as well. This was good as I barely managed to not hit a new highest yardage of yarn in the stash. At least, at the end of the month, when such things are officially reported, it is not a record high. Very close!

I enjoy having the project count available but I'm not sure the sub-stash mileage makes sense anymore. I suppose I'll keep reporting on it for now, until I go through the stash and my Ravelry queue to figure out how many total projects I have yarn for to get an accurate(ish) total project count. The sub-stash is at a new high, in large part because a 400-yard skein of sock yarn and the 800 yards for the Clapotis were considered new yarn in addition to the two plus miles of actual new yarn.

As for projects, I'm still chipping away at things, managing to finish a few things, not start many more, though the queue jumped up a bit, in part because of the WWFY yarn, in part because I had leftover yarn from a project that I was able to make two new items out of. I started with 18 projects ongoing and finished with 17, completing five things this month (all also started in 2017). I was hoping for one or two more finishes, but I'm not going to complain!

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