Monday, May 15, 2017

Now for something else!

Between clues, I've still been working on a few other projects. The mystery-alongs are not easy to work on when doing much else - they all require a bit of concentration, whether it's the charts and beads of the shawl or the constant counting and stuffing of the crochet pig. One of these projects is a fairly simple, mostly garter stitch shawlette that I'm making as a commission piece. I already made one of these before, and this one has beads added to the snowflake motifs.

Having made this one before, I was pretty confident in my memory of the pattern. So confident that I made a small mistake on a couple of the snowflakes.

Nothing major, barely noticeable, but still, something I'd ordinarily drop down and fix. Due to the construction of the shawl, that would not be a good option for these errors. However, in contemplating the errors and considering whether to fix them or not, I found a much greater problem, even earlier in the shawl.

That's an entire missing row, which really means two missing rows because of the corresponding wrong side row that's gone. Apparently, my experience with this pattern just means that I had enough foolish pride to not even get through the second repeat of the first section. Siiiiiiiiiigh. Riiiiiiiiiiiip.

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