Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Fail

So I suck at the posting daily thing. Oh well. I've had a post in mind for every day I've missed. So it's not the lack of ideas, it's the lack of getting on the @!%!#$ computer and posting. A couple days I can blame on Lee for usurping the computer, but mostly it's just laziness and not thinking of posting when I have the chance.

Cabled Baglet
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Anyway, on to other things. I found my two missing US7 DPNs, along with my original set of US1.5s, the ones I first used to see if I'd like the sock thing before I bought the KnitPicks set. They were in my back pack. I found them Sunday, and bought new US7s Saturday. D'oh! It's not really a tragedy, I kinda needed a set of 5 DPNs for one project I'd like to make again, and it wasn't fun working with a circular for the most part. The Cabled Baglet works with a circular, but it's difficult the first couple of inches. By the way, for those of you who really liked it, the pattern is currently available in 101 Designer One Skein Wonders and will be available soon on Gardiner Yarn Works for anyone who doesn't want the $15 book and would rather spend $3 on the pattern alone.

I'll probably get the book because it might have other things in it, and it just doesn't feel right making multiple items from a test knit pattern when the designer is trying to make money from their designs. One test knit item to make sure the pattern is okay is fine in my book, but if I like the design enough to make it again, I feel the need to pay for it. And I rarely buy patterns, almost everything I make comes free. I've bought three patterns as just the pattern, and a few books for reference, but the majority of my knitting money goes for yarn. Therefore, this pattern is awesome, a quick knit, uses a skein or less of worsted weight yarn, and with cute lining fabric, would be perfect as a gift. Only takes a weekend of knitting, so is highly recommended by me!

Back to finding the needles. You know how when you drop something, the automatic reflex response is to catch it as it falls? And how that really doesn't work with a knife or when you're sitting on the floor and drop something? Yeah. It doesn't work when you drop the teeny 2.5mm DPN on the floor and it lands pointy end (well, one of them) into the rug while your hand is rushing down to save it from impending doom. Impending doom, all right, I now have a nice puncture in the middle of my left palm. Right where any and all errant DPNs brush up against while I'm knitting. Because when one pointy end is in the rug, the other pointy end is sticking up and is very lethal. Very lethal indeed.

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