Thursday, November 15, 2007


Yay, another thing to join and not keep up with! National Knit Sweater Month. Another thing for November, which is now really Acronym Month. Acronym? Is that when you use bunches of letters, or is that only when you're using the first letter? Hmmm....Wikipedia to the rescue! Yup, acronym is for words made up using bits of other words, so it's all good. Acronym Month it is!

Instead of knitting a sweater, my goal has been to finish things. Not in the way I have been, like socks and stuff, but finishing some long-term large WIP/UFOs. Pullovers and blankets, large. I should be finishing a blanket tonight, which is awesome, since I started it almost a year ago to go to RIT hockey games and I'm about to graduate from RIT...

I also have a pullover I've been working on for almost a year and a half that just won't go the way I want it to go. I had a very definite idea of what I wanted it to be, knit it that way after fiddling with things like ease for awhile, and it was not working. At all. So I ripped back to the point it stopped working and put it aside. It's time to finish it, since it's done on size 10 needles. I think.

Crapola. I just looked on my drive for that sweater pattern. That pattern that is umm...not there. Which means it was on my other drive. The crispy one. !#%!#$^$%^. Times like ten. Anyway, maybe it's on my laptop...fingers crossed...

So I'm definitely finishing one blanket, and I'm working on another one, along with a couple of sweaters. If I can free up the project bags, I can bring other yarn to school! I'm really trying to compact the stash as much as possible by transforming as much yarn larger than fingering weight as I can to items that travel in other areas. Blanket goes with the blankets, sweater goes with the sweaters, so it's not yarn anymore, and therefore good. Mostly because the empty project bags get filled with other new projects, so if I'm careful about it, I can sneak almost all of my yarn to school because it'll be in project bags, not in the Rubbermaid bin...And if I can make it so that everything is in either project bags, the Christmas box, or the Bin, it will be all nice and organized and all, at least for the move.

Anyway, wish me luck with the finishing of the large projects...I might need it!

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  1. You haven't posted in awhile..wanted to make sure all is okay. I assume you're just busy at school. Looking forward to your return to blogging/Ravelry.


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